St. Valentine’s day massacre

The human scenery amongst us, you know the grey men and women with the 40% cotton, 60% poly blend clothing, the people who are fat but not fat enough to be morbidly obese so the fade into the scenery generally do not make a big deal out of this holiday.

Every day is one of watching on the sidelines as the real business of life goes on. When one is a ghost, devoid of the spiritus sancti one cares not for displays of affection that have to be wrenched from tired lovers by the prompting of the advertising industry.

No the ghosties, lit by the wan pallor of the ever-present and always on television sets want to be, want to feel, want to be dangerous a little crazy.

yet to do so feels artificial. Pallor is natural. it is said that the first artificial dye was mauve. Someone wrote a book about it.

We we few we miserable few, we want mauve, we want artifice.

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